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residential windows 5500 series

The Custom Window Series 5500 Residential window system

is similar to the 5000, but with slimmer, sleeker framing members. It features expansive areas of glass with minimal intrusion of the framing members, plus the look and feel of quality, energy efficient commercial grade windows.

The 5500 Series combines the energy efficiency normally associated with residential products with the much higher standards for air infiltration, water resistance and durability of higher performing commercial grade windows. It incorporates double thermal breaks and hermetically sealed, insulated glass units for the highest energy values. All opening ventilators are double weather-stripped and use durable, commercial grade hardware.

Our product features a very small ratio of metal to glass. We incorporate ventilators that swing open to the outside, and can be hinged from the top or from the side (for casements).

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  • Slim, graceful sitelines
  • Modern, “industrial” look
  • Durable, will last many years
  • Energy efficient: highest rating of any aluminum window, comparable to vinyl or fiberglass


The 5000 series window system is available in two different types of finishes: anodized or Kynar painted.

  • Has “industrial” look and feel
  • Wears well
  • Can have slight color variances from piece to piece

Anodize samples are always shown in a “range” from the lightest possible tint to the darkest possible tint. The manufacture will only guarantee that the finish will fall within that range.

Kynar Painted

  • Extensive color options
  • Ideal for harsh coastal climates
  • “Warmer” feel than anodized

Glass Options:

The WarmView 5000 series window system is available with either 1” or 1 1/2” insulated glass.

The glass can be either annealed, laminated or tempered
depending upon codes and personal preferences.

Glass is usually provided either clear or obscure.

  • Standard glass: 1 1/2” triple glazed high performance Low-E

  • Economy option: 1” high performance Low-E glass

  • Upgrade option: High performance glass from SeriousGlass (formerly Heat Mirror)


All of our hardware has been life-cycle tested to provide a long service life without failure, while maintaining the energy efficiency of the windows.

Hardware is available in a variety of finishes to complement the look of the home. Electrostatically applied, durable coatings provide excellent resistance to chipping, scratching and corrosion while maintaining color stability for years in direct sunlight.

Available options:
  • 4-Bar Hinges
  • Multipoint and Single-Point Locking Systems
  • Dual Arm Operators with Folding Handle