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landmark windows 8300 Series

Series 8360 window system


The Series 8360 is a multi-purpose window designed to meet a variety of needs: historic, modern and institutional. It can handle glass that is insulating, dual-glazed or triple-glazed with venetian blinds. Constant sightlines are available where required.

High performance, thermally broken frame and sash

  • Pour and debridge option with 2 3/4" deep perimeter frame and polyurethane thermal break
  • Polyamide strut option with 2 3/4" deep perimeter frame and polyamide thermal break (increased frame depths available upon request)
  • Dual color finishing available

    Low-profile options available for maintaining historic sightlines

  • 1 5/16” sightline perimeter frame
  • “Fluted” and beveled options available to replicate original
    putty-glazed windows
  • Thermally broken, true divided muntins as narrow as 1 1/16”
  • Exterior applied muntins are available for projects that must maintain original sightlines, while meeting newer energy code requirements. For increased reliability, muntin grids are pinned and attached to the perimeter framing or sash with stainless steel screws. Glass is easier to replace and grids do not need to be removed. There is no unsightly, off-color tape to succumb to weathering, fall off or otherwise interfere with desirable clean sightlines.

    Fixed, project-out awning, project-in hopper or casement operation

    to meet a variety of natural ventilation or egress demands
  • Full depth, tubular sash with extruded aluminum corner keys
  • Stainless steel four-bar hinges are standard
        (Extruded aluminum five-knuckle butt hinges, painted to match, are available)
  • White bronze locking hardware is available
  • Multi-point lock-and-pole operated hardware options for improved accessibility

    Multiple glazing options are available to meet an owner's specific requirements

    (whether they be high thermal performance, shading or security)
  • Standard single-glazing with options to accommodate 1/4” monolithic through 1 1/2” sealed insulating units
  • Dual-glazed option with integral 5/8” or 1” venetian blinds, dual 1/4” glazing and hinged or lift-out access panels
  • Triple-glazed option with integral 5/8” venetian blinds, 5/8” or 1” insulating glass and hinged or lift-out access panels with 1/4” glass
  • Structural glazing available for forced entry or impact resistance

    1/8" extrusion primary wall thickness in main frame, operable sash, horizontal and vertical members


    Variety of installation accessories available, including head, jamb and sill receptors, panning and trim