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Series 8400 window system

is based off the standard 2” window system, but includes extensions on both sides of the main window frame, bringing the overall depth to 4 ½”.

With its greater depth, the Series 8400 system will span even larger openings than the 8260. It is commonly used in schools, hospitals high rise buildings and other projects requiring large window openings.

A highly versatile window system

  • High-performance thermally broken frame and sash
    • Pour and debridge polyurethane thermal break offers very good thermal performance
    • Tested to the rigorous standards of AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-08 for an AW-80 rating
      • Includes Air, Water, Structural and Life Cycle and abuse testing
  • 4 ½” deep main frame allows for greater spans and higher windloads
  • 4 ½” deep main frame can span a typical wall cavity between wood construction and brick veneer without use of additional trim pieces
  • Ideal for institutional, educational and commercial applications
  • Excellent high performance substitute for stick-built storefront glazing systems


  • 2” deep tubular sash with extruded aluminum corner keys
  • Sash members are either welded or hydraulically crimped, never assembled with mechanical fasteners
  • Main frames and intermediate members are coped and mechanically fastened
  • 0.080" extrusion primary wall thickness in main frame
  • 0.094" operable sash, horizontal and vertical embers extruded from 6063-T6 aluminum

Fixed, project-out awning, project-in hopper or casement operation to fit a variety of natural ventilation or egress needs

  • Intermediate members and sash are 2” deep
  • Overlap vents with two rows of bulb vinyl for air- and water-tight fit
  • Stainless steel four-bar hinges are standard, available with extruded aluminum five-knuckle butt hinges
  • Bronze and stainless steel locking hardware available
  • Multi-point lock-and-pole operated hardware options for improved accessibility

Multiple glazing options available to meet an owner's specific needs, whether they be high thermal performance, shading or protective

  • Standard single-glazing with options to accommodate ¼” monolithic through 1 ½” sealed insulating units
  • Dual-glazed option with integral 5/8” or 1” venetian blinds, dual ¼” glazing and hinged or lift-out access panels
  • Triple-glazed option with integral 5/8” venetian blinds, 5/8” or 1” insulating glass and hinged or lift-out access panels with ¼” glass
  • Snap-in glass stops combined with double-stick glazing tape and roll-in wedge rubber allow for easy replacement of glass without disassembling the window

Variety of installation accessories available, including head, jamb and sill receptors, panning and trims

Available in anodized finishes per AAMA 611 or fluropolymer painted finishes per AAMA 2605

Common uses include:

  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • High-rise buildings
  • Projects requiring large window openings
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