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Architectural windows

We manufacture a full line of architectural grade windows for use in new construction, including commercial and institutional projects.

  • • Available in fixed, project-in, project-out and casement configurations. Finishes include anodized and your choice of the vast palette of fluropolymer paint.
  • • Designed for side stacking. This eliminates the need for three-piece mullions, making installation quicker and less opportunity for error.
  • • Come with a complete line of receptor systems, mullions and sills to provide a complete package.
  • • Available in 1/4" single-glaze up to 1 1/2" triple-glaze.
  • • Can be customized for the exact look you need. You're not stuck with off-the-shelf configurations simply because it's a standard window.
  • • Cut and drilled using state-of-the-art CNC machines, each component is made with tight tolerances

If the hardware fails, the window fails.

We won't put just any hardware on our windows. We are very selective about what we use.

Others call this a "commodity window." And for them, it's true. Although we build competitively priced, "standard" windows, we provide them as precision-built, designed for the lifetime of the building.

Remember each one of our windows is built exactly like it's tested.