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Our Landmark Building Process

Landmark buildings are meant to last for centuries, why would you put in a window that might only last 10 years?

We are known for producing innovative, historically accurate windows for landmark buildings. Our reputation for historic windows is unsurpassed.

Here is how we provide you with our most innovative, highest performing, historically accurate windows:

Historically accurate sightlines
In almost every case, we can precisely replicate the original sightlines, down to the look of vintage, steel putty-glazed windows.

We can replicate nearly any historic sightline in a true divided lite window. This makes it easier to:
• Get tax credits for your building.
Obtaining tax credits usually means providing a historically accurate window with modern performance ability. We have done this on countless projects. We can anticipate most of the issues in advance, helping to avoid complications.
• Gain approval from historic districts.
We will work with you to ensure that any presiding historic districts approve the window provided.

True divided lites
Historically accurate windows typically have true divided lites. Applied grid is a modern attempt to simulate a historic window. To be historically accurate, you need individual panes of glass separated by true divided lite muntins.

The building process
Every window uses our proprietary building process, so you know that the window is quoted accurately, designed intelligently and built precisely.


Every historic building has its own story and its own special requirements. We have experience in these areas and can help make the process smooth and efficient.